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I'm a wellbeing and burnout
expert, speaker and facilitator.

As an expert voice in wellbeing and burnout, I inspire and educate as a speaker and workshop facilitator. I bring insight, experience and practical solutions for individuals and groups. I know from personal experience how debilitating burnout is. My mission is to help prevent burnout and empower people to lead and live authentically. 

Working with groups of all kinds, I share in sparkling clear language what burnout is and help people get clear on how to embed wellbeing in communities and organizations.

I empower and inspire, so people leave with the information they need, such as:

·    what burnout is, and how it looks and feels

·    the dark truth about what causes burnout 

·    steps leaders can take today to end burnout

·    the personal steps we can take to protect ourselves against burnout

·    the four first steps to healing from burnout

·    how to start a cultural shift towards wellbeing, so we can put an end to burnout

I draw on my extensive research, the two books I have written on burnout, and the latest data derived in the Annual Global Burnout Study which I conduct each year with lead researcher, Dr. John Chan.

My humor, expertise and storytelling skills create open, energizing discussion and an empowering, educational experience.

Curious how I can empower you, your team or your organization against burnout? Me too. Let's have a chat.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge and emphasizing the causes and strategies to create healthier organizations.


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