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Hi, I'm Sally.

I'm a wellbeing and burnout author, speaker, researcher and coach. I help people prevent burnout and embed wellbeing at work.

I speak and facilitate workshops for groups and organizations around the globe on burnout prevention and wellbeing. 

I coach people to evolve through challenges like burnout and live with purpose and authenticity.

I use my voice to educate on the toxic cultures that cause burnout and the steps we can take to prevent it.

I'm the author of two books on burnout: Protect Your Spark: How to Prevent Burnout and Live Authentically and Relight Your Spark: How to Heal and Evolve After Burnout.


Helping people experience authentic, sustainably and healthy work lives is my passion. 

Curious how I can help you or your organization? Let's meet.

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Wellbeing and Burnout Expert, Speaker and Author

As an expert voice in wellbeing and burnout, I inspire and educate as a speaker and workshop facilitator. I bring insight, experience and practical solutions for individuals and groups. I know from personal experience how debilitating burnout is. My mission is to help prevent burnout and empower people to lead and live authentically. 

Working with groups of all kinds, I share in sparkling clear language what burnout is and help people get clear on how to embed wellbeing in communities and organizations.​

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Coaching with Sally

As a coach, I help you answer and act with purpose and authenticity amid challenge. Through direct, expert questioning and active listening, I support you to identify and make the changes you need to live aligned with your purpose. My background is corporate yet spiritual. My approach is practical and intuitive. Humor and honesty are my hallmarks. 

Life happens in the present moment. Let's make yours as authentic and fulfilling as possible.

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A snippet about Sally.

I've been writing since the moment I could wrap my fingers around a crayon. I'm curious, compassionate and a gifted communicator.

After burning out as a finance lawyer, I had some key realizations. Mainly: Life is short and to be happy, I need to live it according to my own values. Once I worked out what these are, and learned to trust my intuition and intrinsic worth, there was no looking back.

Since then I've travelled a lot, spending extended time in Brazil, Morocco, Portugal and California. I love to work with people and organizations around the world. I'm currently based in my second homeland: the Netherlands.​

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Relight Your Spark: How to Heal and Evolve after Burnout

E-Book now available on Amazon

Relight Your Spark is a powerful guide to healing and evolving after burnout so you can live with energy, authenticity and meaning.

You'll be empowered and inspired, learning:

  • what burnout is

  • what causes burnout

  • the 4 key steps to healing from burnout

  • how to harness the lessons of burnout as a catalyst for the change, insight and growth you want

Feel welcome to order your copy here.

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Get in touch to learn more about what I do, set up a coaching call, book a speaking engagement or workshop, ask a question, or just say hi.

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