About Sally

communicator, coach, culture creator & connector

Born in country Australia, I worked as a finance lawyer at one of Europe's top firms before burning out in 2010. Burnout helped me get clear on what matters to me (spoiler: it was not finance law). It prompted me to start living authentically. I haven't looked back. Since then, I've run a successful copywriting and translation business, taught yoga and meditation on 5 continents, and coached people on issues like career, burnout and finding meaning.

Today, I'm a published author and global expert on wellbeing and burnout prevention. I help companies build a culture that prevents burnout and helps people live healthy, happy lives every day. I help people to develop the skills and insights they need to live with authenticity and fulfillment. 

With a corporate background, a passion for academic research, a knack for storytelling and a serious dose of spirituality, I bring a unique palate of skills, talents and experience to corporate and individual clients. 

As for my own wellbeing, I love to surf, hike, travel, feed my curiosity, meet new friends and connect with old ones. Conversations that help me understand myself, the other person, and the world in which we live make my heart shine. I am grateful for the anchors of great friends, yoga, and vipassana meditation.

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