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Protect Your Spark:
How To Prevent Burnout
and Live Authentically

November 2021

Protect Your Spark has all the information and inspiration you need to prevent burnout and live authentically - with exercises and tools you can start using today. You'll learn:

  • what burnout really is

  • what causes burnout (the answer might surprise you!)

  • the 3 essential aspects of protecting your Spark

  • 10 practices to cultivate a burnout-free life


2021 Global Burnout Study

January 2022

Extensive knowledge, experience and research with the latest data from a global study (3200+ participants from 30+ countries). The 2021 Global Burnout Study is a handbook for leaders and organizations on what burnout is, how it is caused, and what can be done to stop burnout happening. It incorporates practical tips, on-point reflection questions, and actionable steps. Essential reading for today's forward-thinking leaders.


Relight Your Spark:
How to Heal and Evolve
after Burnout

22 March 2022

Burnout is a soul-scorching experience. RYS is your guide to healing and evolving from burnt out to authentic and empowered. It also includes

  • the 4 key steps to healing and

  • 7 practices to evolving.

Relight Your Spark helps you turn burnout into a catalyst for the change you want and need.