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Protect Your Spark:
How To Prevent Burnout
and Live Authentically

Protect Your Spark has all the information and inspiration you need to prevent burnout and live authentically - with exercises and tools you can start using today. You'll learn:

  • what burnout really is

  • what causes burnout (the answer might surprise you!)

  • the 3 essential aspects of protecting your Spark

  • 10 practices to cultivate a burnout-free life


Relight Your Spark:
How to Heal and Evolve
after Burnout

Burnout is a soul-scorching experience. RYS is your guide to healing and evolving from burnt out to authentic and empowered. It also includes

  • the 4 key steps to healing and

  • 7 practices to evolving.

Relight Your Spark helps you turn burnout into a catalyst for the change you want and need.

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The State of Workplace Burnout 2024

Despite increased focus on employee wellbeing, burnout persists. However, burnout is not an inevitable outcome of work. 

At Infinite Potential, we believe in a future where work fuels us, not consumes us. We are excited to present The State of Workplace Burnout 2024 report.

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The State of Workplace Burnout 2023

This global study is presented in a brilliant, accessibly written report containing latest data, recommendations and insights into workplace burnout. Coauthored with Dr John Chan, this report is essential reading for all leaders looking to create healthier outcomes for people, stronger business results and create a huge competitive advantage.


2021 Global Burnout Study

Extensive knowledge, experience and research with the latest data from a global study (3200+ participants from 30+ countries). The 2021 Global Burnout Study is a handbook for leaders and organizations on what burnout is, how it is caused, and what can be done to stop burnout happening. It incorporates practical tips, on-point reflection questions, and actionable steps. Essential reading for today's forward-thinking leaders.

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